Early American Books by Eric SloaneEric Sloane happens to be my favorite author of Americana, not only for his easy to read style of writing but because I have always had an interest in the way people lived in early America. Their pioneer spirit and skills is something that is seldom seen today.

Eric Sloane was able to capture the integrity, insight and ingenuity of the early American settler through the art and stories of his many books.

I have spent many hours on a journey back in time while reading his stories. Nearly every page is illustrated with his own pen and ink drawings which I have great admiration for. His drawings help guide and educate the reader on their journey with Eric as he talks about early America.

Over the years I have collected 14 of his books. This craving for Eric Sloane works, all started when my father received a special publication that was issued by The American Museum of Natural History in 1976. This publication was an extended excerpt from the book, An Age of Barns. I still have that special publication and by its worn cover, tattered edges and yellowed pages, it is a sign that I have thumbed the pages of this book many times over the past 30+ years. I recently received a new copy of the original book as a Christmas gift from my wife, Penny. An Age of Barns talks about the different types of barns built in early America by the immigrants to this country. They brought with them their heritage, their styles of construction and their folklore. All of this is reflected in the barns they built and some of them still stand today.

Another one of my favorites by Eric Sloane is titled, Diary of an Early American Boy. This book is based on a diary written in 1805 by 15 year old Noah Blake. The book describes Noah’s daily life on an early American farmstead. His story takes me back to fond memories of my childhood growing up in the north Georgia countryside. I was always learning from the environment and the people around me. The experiences I had as a child gave me a great appreciation for what the land had to offer when it came to making something I needed. I gained the skills to make those things from the people in my life much as Noah did in his early life on the American landscape.

If you have a fondness for the old ways of early American life and Americana, enjoy rural living or have an admiration for pen and ink drawings, I would encourage you to read Eric Sloane’s books. You will not be disappointed.

Amazon carries a large selection of Eric Sloane’s Early American Life (Americana) books, many are available in both paperback and hardcover books. These books are very affordable and most are priced under $10.

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