Cat with Butterflies T-ShirtBeing a cat lover and knowing there are a lot of us out there. I thought I’d share some really unique cat t-shirt, shirts and tees with my readers. I ran across some of these cat t-shirts back around Christmas and purchased one of them for my sister, Lorri as a gift. I let her pick the color and design out for herself and you’ll see the one she selected “Sly Cat & Butterflies” featured on the right. She was delighted with her lilac colored cat tee and I’m sure she’s getting some good use out of it, now that spring has arrived.

Browse these Cat Friendly T-shirt Shops

So the first place I want to share with you is that shop, “Ariel Design Store” at Zazzle. These cat theme shirts featured in the picture below are designs found in that shop and I just fell in love with her artistic style. She has a wonderful way of blending colors and her cats are just adorable. She also has more of her art featured in her shop, of course her cats are my favorites. I know you’ll have a very tough time deciding which one to pick. Lorri and I stayed on the phone awhile trying to decide on her gift.

Cat Shirts for Ariel Design Store

Another shop at Zazzle you might enjoy browsing through is called “Art by Cyra”. You’ll find several cat t-shirts with a completely different artistic style pictured below. I really love how the artist captured those little kitty faces so perfectly and their eyes are just stunning. These are cat designs you won’t find any other place and are just so unique. I know we’re talking about cat t-shirts but check out the beautiful cat note cards while you’re there.

Cat T-shirts by Cyra

You’ll find some really cute cat t-shirts at the “Lisa Marie Art” shop. She offers some adorable cats and she has a way of just making your heart melt with her cartoon style cat art. She is an award winning artist and you’ll see more of her cat t-shirts featured below. Isn’t this some of the cutest big eyed kitty cats you’ve ever seen?

Cats T-shirts at Lisa Marie Art

Custom T-shirts and Tees

If you have a photo of your cat or a drawing you’ve created, you can make your own custom cat shirt. I know how special our pets are and what a fun way to show them off. There are many shirt styles and color options available so your cat shirt will be truly unique, featuring your favorite feline.

The great thing about cat t-shirts from Zazzle is they’re for women, men and kids. They are available in a variety of different shirt styles and you can even pick from a nice color selection. I also like the fact that Zazzle offers a nice selection of ladies tees. I know sometimes it’s difficult to find tees; most of the time shops only offer the standard cut t-shirts. You can also have the shirts personalized with a name for a more personal gift.

If these shirts didn’t suit your cat fancy, be sure to browse through all the cat t-shirts available through Zazzle. There are hundreds of cat t-shirts and tees to select from, comical cartoon cats, adorable cuddly cats, beautiful cats and even cool cats. You’re bound to find just the right one or be creative and create your own cat t-shirt.

More cat shirts I found after my orginal post:

I Love Cats Shirt

Added May 10, 2009
I also ran across this purple and white cat that would be really nice for kid’s shirts or even big kids shirts. Its simple cartoon and colorful style will really make the cat design standout on a t-shirt. Don’t forget you get to select the color of shirt you want. You can let everyone know how you feel with the “I Love Cats” shirt.

Really Funny Cat T-shirts and Tees

Added April 7, 2010
While browsing around Zazzle I located some really funny cat t-shirts from artist Maria van Bruggen (CAT-ALOGUE). Here’s just a sample of some funny cats with attitude.

Cup-Cat - summer t-shirt shirt
Cup-Cat T-shirt

Cat-a-strophe t-shirt shirt
Cat-a-strophe T-Shirt

Spa-Cat-thi love - t-shirt shirt
Spa-Cat-thi love T-shirt

These funny cat design are available in many different shirt styles and colors for women, men and kids. Be sure to see all of the FUNNY CAT T-SHIRTS like these.

More Resources for Cat Shirts

I’ve posted a few additional merchants that carry cat t-shirts below.

A&E Designs
Animal Den

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2 Comments to “Cat T-Shirts, Shirts and Tees”

  1. Lorri McClure says:

    Penny bought me the “Sly Cat & Butterflies” shirt for Christmas and I have to say I was thrilled. It’s adorable and I absolutely love it. It wears really well. As a matter of fact I wore it last Friday and got 4 compliments. You will love the way it wears and washes. I strongly recommend it. My sister in law fell in love with it so I’m going to buy one for her for her birthday.

  2. Dev Duff says:

    Wow, nice cat t-shirts! I have a cute kitten that makes me enjoy wearing kitten t-shirts. I love those cat t-shirts with hearts and butterflies, makes life so much fun!
    Thank you for sharing your findings, your website is awesome!

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