Custom Postage StampsToday, the cost of a First-Class postage stamp increased from 42 cents to 44 cents. So the topic for today is postage stamps, not your ordinary stamps but fun custom postage stamps. Custom postage stamps are perfect for special occasions, holidays or even for your general postage needs. You can select from pre-made stamp designs or make your own custom design. Your envelopes don’t have to be drab and boring anymore.

Create your own design for a Custom Postage StampDesign your own custom postage stamp.

If you are artistic, you can make your own custom design to place on a stamp. There’s no limit to the themes you can come up with. You can share so many of your interests or hobbies with something as simple as a stamp on an envelope. There’s just so many ways to express yourself with these and have fun with it.

Maybe you’re not the artistic type but have a good photo you’ve taken. You can also place photos on these custom stamps as well. Share a photo of your favorite pet, place or even family.

A great idea is to have your children’s drawing put on a stamp for a keepsake. It’ll be nice for them to have twenty years from now when postage was only 44 cents. No telling what it will be by then.

Pre-made Custom Postage

Holiday and Occasions StampsMaybe you would rather leave the artistic design to someone else. You can select from literally hundreds of stamp designs from artist all over the world. Select from design for Special Occasions such as Weddings, Baby Showers, Graduations, Birthdays or for a special Thank You. Dress up your Greeting Cards with Custom Holiday Stamps for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. You’ll find designs relating to just about any subject you could think of, in a variety of styles.

There are so many ways to use custom postage stamps. I hope you enjoy creating you own stamp or browsing through all the designs created by others.

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One Comment to “Have fun with Custom Postage Stamps”

  1. Adrian says:

    Collecting stamps is so addictive, but it is sometimes very rewarding. I tell you my personal experience. I purchased a few stamps couple of years ago at cheap price. My friend is a stamps collector too. Last week he saw my stamps collection and he was amazed to see those stamps. He told me each of those stamps were worth thousands of $$. I wish I had purchased more than two. Stamps collection is fun and rewarding at times!

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