I absolutely love these beautiful and unique cat figures and statues created from artists around the world. I was really surprised to find these cat figures and statues are so affordable, as most of these felines are hand carved from wood and hand painted. The artist captured the classic cat features with fine details from the top of the cats head to the tip of its tail. You won’t find these types of unique cat figures from anywhere else but Novica.

These cat sculptures are a must have for cat lovers and will be a treasured cat collectible. Well, I’ve rambled on enough about these awesome cat and kitten figures. Have fun browsing through this selection of beautiful, adorable and even funny kitty cats.

Wood sculpture, 'Kitty Cat Stretch'

Wood sculpture, ‘Kitty Cat Stretch’


Nengah Sudarsana loves animals of all kinds, but cats hold a special place in his heart. Carved by hand with lifelike detail, a cat performs lithe yoga stretches. The sculpture bears Sudarsana’s signature.

Wood statuette, 'Thoughtful Cat' (Indonesia)

Wood statuette, ‘Thoughtful Cat’ (Indonesia)


Stretched out comfortably, a cat rests his head on his paw. His big blue eyes gaze into the distance, and his thoughts are far away. Nengah Sudarsana carves the realistic feline from Balinese albesia wood and adds color by hand.

Wood sculpture, 'Siamese Cat Wish' (Indonesia)

Wood sculpture, ‘Siamese Cat Wish’ (Indonesia)


With paws clasped in a fervent wish, a charming cat gazes skyward with big blue eyes. Nengah Sudarsana expresses his love for animals through his wood sculptures, carved and painted by hand. This seal point siamese will delight cat lovers.

The "Dragonfly" Stained-Glass Cat Figurine

The "Dragonfly" Stained-Glass Cat Figurine


She’s sophisticated and stylish with an air of mystery. Treat yourself to a touch of elegance with a first-ever stained-glass art inspired cat figurine based on the world-renowned Art Nouveau stained-glass artwork of Louis Comfort Tiffany. This striking cat figurine features a motif in the style of the well-known Louis Comfort Tiffany dragonfly design, and is accented with rich, amethyst-colored simulated gem eyes for added beauty. This limited-edition cat figurine is exclusively from The Hamilton Collection and features intricate mosaic detailing to resemble the look of stained glass. The graceful feline is handcrafted in collector-quality resin by master artisans and hand-painted in vivid jewel tones for meticulous attention to detail. Strong demand is expected, so order now!

Sophisticats Crystal Cat Figurine Collection

Sophisticats Crystal Cat Figurine Collection


The timeless mystique of cats and the gleaming splendor of sparkling genuine crystal are united in a first-of-its-kind collectible cat figurine collection exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Your collection of crystal artistry begins with Issue One, Smitten. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Two and additional crystal collectible cat figurines, each a separate issue to follow.‡Be dazzled by the brilliance of this limited-edition collection of cat figurines, handcrafted of three-dimensional genuine crystal. Each of the cat figurines in this collection features graceful swirls and waves that bring every facet of the cats’ personalities to life in expressive, graceful poses. Delicate hints of color like those accenting the cats’ tiny noses and eyes add luxurious custom and lifelike touches. Makes a remarkable cat lovers gift. Strong demand is expected. Don’t miss out - order now!

NOVICABe sure to visit Novica for a complete line of cat merchandise including cat figurines, cat art & pictures, cat decor, cat jewelry and more.

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3 Comments to “Unique Cat Figures and Statues”

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow, these are ultimate cat figures and statues. I purchase cat figures often and love these gorgeous statues and figures. I love the third cat figurine - ‘Kitty’s Sweet Dreams’ Wood Cat Statuette. Think it will look great in my bed room! Thanks for sharing these awesome cat figures and statues.

  2. Penny says:

    Thanks Nancy - Glad you liked the cat figures. I love the sleeping cat figures, and they look so realistic. The artist really paid attention to every little detail.

  3. JamieM says:

    I love these. I collect cat figurines and haven’t seen these before. I can’t believe they are hand carved and painted; the price is great for such craftsmanship. I can’t imagine how long it must take to create such a work of art. I can’t decide which cat figure I like the best; the Snoozing Tuxedo Cat Wood Cat figure is really nice. What a tough decision.

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