I am often inspired when I see the wonderful talents of other artists. This can certainly be said for an artist I ran across recently, her name is Renee Fukumoto. I recently opened a new Zazzle shop featuring my own artwork and soon learned of some very gifted artists there. Renee’s shop, Ravenwood Studio was one I ventured into and was truly blown away at the passion that is reflected in her artwork. She specializes in horse, animal and nature art using a variety of mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, pastel pencils, pen & ink, and digital photography.

Not only does Renee offer her wonderful animal and nature art on a variety of products in her Zazzle shop but she also does commission artwork from her home studio. I want to focus on just some of the wonderful art you’ll find in Renee’s shop. Yes, these are some of my favorites.

Sawhet OwlSawhet Owl / Owls
The Sawhet owl was the first thing I spotted when visiting her shop, a beautiful owl. I am an avid birder so of course this really appealed to me. Renee captured the feathers beautifully and just look at those eyes. I was very impressed with the color tones Renee used with this particular piece.

See more of Renee’s Owls.

Horse Drawing - First LoveHorses
It was rather tough to pick a favorite from her horse art and photography. But there was something about this particular drawing “Horse Lover / First Love” that I kept going back to. Renee has a great love for horses so you will find many different art styles to choose from.

See More of Renee’s Horse Art.

Birds of Prey - American Bald EagleBirds of Prey
Yes, it’s another bird. Sometimes I just can’t help myself but you have to admit eagles are magnicent creatures. Renee’s photo of this Eagle is just as impressive. She offers this eagle in different mediums including graphic ink and photography. In the Birds of Prey section, you’ll also find artwork & photography of a Hawk, Kestrel, Falcon and more.

See more of Renee’s Birds of Prey and Eagles.

I honestly could just keep rambling on about Renee’s art. In closing, I’ll show some additional animal and nature designs offered by Renee. Remember all of Renee’s artwork is offered on a variety of products including posters, art prints, greeting cards, mousepads, t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, postcards and even postage stamps. Have fun browsing around Renee’s shop, Ravenwood Studio.

Sawhet Owl Art Poster print
Sawhet Owl
Art Poster /Print

First Love: Horse Lover T-shirt with Pink Text shirt
First Love: Horse Lover T-shirt with Pink Text

Bald Eagle Head shirt
Bald Eagle Head
T-Shirt / Shirt

Snowy Owl Mousepad mousepad
Snowy Owl

Dachshund Portrait Card card
Dachshund Portrait -
Dog Greeting Card

Born to Run Digital Horse Art for Equestrians shirt
Born to Run Digital Horse Art Shirt for Equestrians

Gorilla Portrait Mousepad mousepad
Gorilla Portrait -
Animal Mousepad

Vigilant Lioness Bag bag
Vigilant Lioness Tote Bag (More Bag Styles Available)

Sleepy Kitty Cat Lover card
Sleepy Kitty Cat Lover Greeting Card

Snowy Owl Poster print
Snowy Owl Print /Poster
(Framing is Available)


Renee resides in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. If you are interested in learning more about her commissioned artwork, you will find information on her About page in her Zazzle shop.


New Horse and Animal Art Releases from Renee:

Norwegian Fjord Horse Lover Print / PosterDigital Art Norwegian Fjord Horse Print / Poster
Renee did an outstanding job on this newly created digital art image of a Norwegian Fjord. The muscle tone and it’s beautiful coat makes you want to just reach out and pet it. This horse is available on a variety of products including art prints/posters, coffee mug, shirts, mousepad, ornaments, tees and more. Renee offers a variety of products featuring many different horse breeds. Don’t forget these will make great gifts for horse lovers.


Please Note: The copyright to all images is owned by the artist Renee Fukumoto and are not to be reproduced, downloaded or otherwise messed with without express written permission by the artist.

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