I must admit I am a Ladybug lover. There is just something about these little red and black bugs. I know they’re kind of cute and are said to bring Good Luck. I have been drawing the cute little ladybug shown on the right for many years now and use it for my aviator in many online forums. Since opening my new shop that features my artwork, my little ladybug is now available on a variety of merchandise and gifts including t-shirts, tote bags, coffee & travel mugs, mousepads, greeting cards and even shoes.

This isn’t all about my artwork though, it’s about some unique ladybug merchandise and gifts that other artists offer as well. There are so many talented artists and here are some of their ladybug designs on products. You will also see mine mixed in as well. I hope you find just the right ladybug merchandise or gift you’re looking for.

Please note that all of the ladybug products featured here can be personalized or  customized to suit your tastes. So ladybug lovers, here we go:

Ladybug Apparel: Shirts, T-Shirts, Tees for Women and Kids.
The ladybug shirts featured below are also available in other shirt styles.

Little Ladybug Kids Shirt shirt
Little Ladybug
Kids Shirt

Single Ladybug shirt
Single Ladybug
T-shirt / Shirt

Love at first sight shirt
Love at first sight
Ladybug Shirt

ladybug, buggin' shirt
ladybug, buggin’
shirt for women

Ladybug Coffee and Travel Mugs
These ladybug coffee and travel mugs are great gift ideas for ladybug lovers. You can also select from more mug style and colors.

Ladybug with Flowers Mug mug
Ladybug with Flowers
Coffee Mug

Cute Ladybug Mug mug
Cute Ladybug
Coffee Mug

Ladybug and Daisies Mug mug
Ladybug and Daisies
Coffee Mug

Sweet Ladybug Mug mug
Sweet Ladybug
Coffee Mug

Ladybug Crossing mug
Ladybug Crossing
Travel Mug

Coffee Mug

Ladybug Mousepads / Mouse Pads
Make one of these ladybug mousepads unique by adding a name or a message.

Ladybug with Flowers Mousepad mousepad
Ladybug with Flowers Mousepad

Libby the Ladybug Mousepad mousepad
Libby the Ladybug

Personalized Ladybug Mousepad mousepad
Personalized Ladybug Mousepad

Single Ladybug mousepad
Single Ladybug
Mouse Pad

Love Bug - Ladybug mousepad
Love Bug - Ladybug Mousepad / Mouse Mat

Doodle Bug Ladybug Mousepad mousepad
Doodle Bug Ladybug
Mouse Pad

Ladybug Greeting Cards
Any of these ladybug greeting cards can be customized for the special occasion you need it for. You can also personalize them with your name. Perfect for Birthdays, Thank You cards, Thinking of You cards, etc.

Ladybug with Flowers Card card
Ladybug with Flowers Greeting Card

Libby the Ladybug Birthday Card card
Libby the Ladybug
Birthday Card

Ladybug Series 2 Greeting Card card
Ladybug Series 2
Greeting Card

Rainy days card
Rainy days Ladybug Card

ladybugz. card
ladybugz Greeting Card

Three Lucky Ladybugs card
Three Lucky Ladybugs Card

Ladybug Tote Bags
These ladybug designs are also available on other tote bag styles and come in several different sizes.

Cute Ladybug Tote Bag bag
Cute Ladybug Tote Bag

Ladybug Bag bag
Ladybug Bag

Ladybug Pink bag
Ladybug Pink Tote Bag

Ladybug Shoes for Women and Kids
You won’t find these unique ladybug shoes in any retail store. These stylish Keds shoes come in many different sneaker and shoe styles for women and kids.

Ladybug with Flowers Keds Shoe kedsshoe
Ladybug with Flowers
Womens Keds Shoes

Libby the Ladybug Kids Shoe kedsshoe
Libby the Ladybug
Kids Shoes

Funky Ladybugs kedsshoe
Funky Ladybugs Shoes
for Women

I hope you found a ladybug product you liked but just in case you didn’t be sure to visit the links below for more ladybug merchandise and gifts.

Little Cutie Porcelain Ladybug Music Box: Unique Music Box GiftLittle Cutie Collectible Porcelain Ladybug Music Box

One of my favorite ladybug collectibles is this adorable ladybug music box. Last year, my husband got it for me as a Christmas gift. The ladybug colors are so vivid and it is a very nice quality collectible and who could resist those beautiful blue ladybug eyes?

For more fun Ladybug merchandise and collectibles be sure to visit my other website.

Visit my new website that’s dedicated to all types of Ladybug Merchandise.

See more Ladybug designs on:

Apparel & T-Shirts

Coffee & Travel Mugs


Greeting Cards

Tote Bags


All designs and images that appear on this page are copyrightten by the artist and CANNOT be used without their permission.

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One Comment to “Ladybug Merchandise and Gifts”

  1. Andy Whittal says:

    Your ladybug is so cute. Love the ladybug art on the stuff. Coolest ladybug designs on internet!

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