Yesterday, while I was sitting on my deck enjoying the beautiful spring weather, I saw my first butterfly of the year. So, I know that spring has finally arrived after a rather dreary and very cold winter. I really enjoy photographing butterflies and have created many products from what I consider my best butterfly shots. In this post, I thought I would share some of my butterfly merchandise with you as well as some nice flowers to plant to attract butterflies. You can view some of my butterfly photography products as well as others I thought you might enjoy. My butterfly merchandise includes mousepads, binders / notebooks, mugs, buttons, greeting cards, tote and canvas bags, stickers, keychains, posters and more.

For more information on what flowers and bushes attract butterflies be sure to scroll down toward the bottom on this post. I hope you enjoy the butterfly merchandise I’ve selected for you. Most of these products can be customized with text or a name so they will have a more personal feel to them. You can find all of my butterfly merchandise here in my Zazzle store.

Butterfly Mousepads
These colorful mousepads feature either butterfly photos or unique butterfly designs. These butterfly mouse pads can be customized with a name or text. See more Butterfly Mouse Pads.

Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Mousepad mousepad
Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Mousepad

Monarch Butterfly Mousepad mousepad
Monarch Butterfly Mouse pad

Butterfly with Red Flowers Mousepad mousepad
Butterfly with Red Flowers Mousepad

Colorful Butterfly Mousepad Art mousepad
Colorful Butterfly Mousepad Art

The Big Beige Butterfly Mousepad mousepad
The Big Beige Butterfly Mousepad

Butterfly Hearts mousepad
Butterfly Hearts Mouse Pads

Butterfly 3-ring Binders & Notebooks from Avery
These butterfly binders and notebooks are perfect for butterfly lovers and are great for all types of ideas. These butterfly binders can be used as school notebooks, photo albums, scrapbooks or just a nice way to organize cards and keepsakes. See more Butterfly Binders.

Butterflies - Seeing Double Binder binder
Butterflies - Seeing Double Binder (Available in 3 sizes.)

Butterflies and Flowers Binder binder
Butterflies and Flowers Binder (Available in 3 sizes.)

Nature Portfolio binder
Nature Portfolio - Butterfly Binder (Easy to Customize.)

colorful spring butterfly garden binder
Colorful Butterfly Garden Binder (Available in 3 sizes.)

Grassy binder
Grassy Butterfly Binder (Easily Add Text to binder spine.)

Abstract Floral Binder binder
Abstract Floral Butterfly Binder (Available in 2 sizes.)

Butterfly Coffee and Travel Mugs
Whether you’re looking for a nice butterfly mug for yourself or as a gift, I feature a great selection to select from. These butterfly mugs include a nice mix of butterfly photography and butterfly artwork. See more Butterfly Mugs.

Monarch Butterfly with Flowers Mug mug
Monarch Butterfly with Flowers Mug

Country Butterflies mug
Country Butterflies Coffee or Travel Mugs

Orange Monarch Butterfly Mug mug
Orange Monarch Butterfly Mug

Butterfly Dance mug
Butterfly Dance
Coffee Mug

Butterfly with Flowers Mug mug
Butterfly with Flowers Travel or Coffee Mug

Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Mug mug
Yellow Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Mug

Butterfly Buttons
These butterfly buttons are nice gifts for butterfly lovers or to use for nature and wildlife events. These pinback buttons can be customized with text and most butterfly designs are available on either a round or square button. You can also select from several button sizes. See more Butterfly Buttons.

Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Button button
Swallowtail Butterfly Button

Cute Butterfly Button button
Cute Butterfly Button

Butterfly with Flowers Button button
Butterfly & Flowers Button

Butterfly (A) button
Cute Cartoon Butterfly Buttons

Orange Butterfly on Flowers Button button
Orange Butterfly on Flowers Button

butterfly button
Cute & Simple Butterfly Button

Butterfly Greeting Cards or Note Cards
These butterfly greeting cards or note cards are a great way to brighten up someone’s day. Most of these butterfly cards are blank inside so you can add your own personal message or special occasion. These Butterfly cards are perfect for Birthday Cards, Thank You Cards, Thinking of You, a Get Well Wish or any occasion. See more Butterfly Greeting Cards.

Butterfly and Flowers Card card
Butterfly and Flowers Greeting Card or Note Card

Butterfly Greeting Card card
Butterfly Greeting Card or Note Card

Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Card card
Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Card

Colorful Butterfly Painting - Multi card
Colorful Butterfly / Butterflies Painting Cards

Daisies and Butterfly Greeting Card card
Daisies and Butterfly Greeting Card

SpringTime Butterflies card
SpringTime Butterflies Greeting or Note Cards

Here’s some links to some more great merchandise feature butterflies:

Butterfly T-Shirts and Apparel
Butterfly Stickers
Butterfly Bags
Butterfly Keychains
Butterfly Art Prints / Posters
Butterfly Postcards

Flowers and Bushes that attract butterflies to your yard.

Butterfly on PentasSeeing the first butterfly of the year has me busy getting my yard and flower beds ready for planting. I enjoy all flowers and flowering shrubs but I try to plant plenty of flowers that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Some of the flowers I find that butterflies just can’t resist are Lantana and Pentas. Both of these plants are available in several colors and the butterflies seem to enjoy them all. For those of you with limited space both of these plants grow well in planters in full to mid sun. Lantana is a wonderful choice for those of you that tend to have drought like conditions in the summertime. Since I live in the sunny hot South this plant works well for me. Pentas have always performed well for me in containers and in flower beds, these plants are covered with beautiful little flower clusters all summer long.

If you are considering planting a bush in your yard and want to enjoy the butterflies, a couple of flowering bushes to consider are a Butterfly Bush (easy enough to remember) or a Rose of Sharon bush. Both of these bushes are available in a variety of colors are a very drought tolerant. They both bloom all summer long and will provide you with plenty butterflies and beautiful color in your yard for years to come. If you would like to know more about these flowers and plants you can do a search in your favorite search engine.

I hope you found all the butterfly merchandise and plant suggestions helpful.

All butterfly designs and images that appear on this page are copyrightten by the artist / photographer and CANNOT be used without their permission.

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  1. Dave Klein says:

    Wow, those are some amazing mouse pads, specially the “Butterfly Hearts Mouse Pads”. It looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Penny.

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